Last Day of Vacation

Today was the last day of my week of vacation so I decided to knock off a few more items from the TODO list.  These were a bunch of odds-n-ends that all need to be done but each one isn’t particularly that exciting.

First was building a cover for the area above where the brake lines connect to the rear cross member and then to a flex line going to the rear axle.  Of course one of the self tapping screws I was using had its head snap off, so I’ll have to drill it out and fix it when I have some more room to work 😦

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Day 4 of Vacation

I decided that I was going to work on something a little more fun/interesting instead of good old bracing & supports that I’ve been working on for the last couple days.  I decided it was time to tackle the extra two speaker enclosures for my afterburner sound effects.

The picture above shows how the air tank for the suspension sits in the trunk of the car.  My goal was to create two speaker boxes on each side of the tank pointing outward under the car.  These speakers are just like the other exterior marine speakers that I’ve used so that I don’t have to worry about exposure to the elements.  This will give me a nice total of 3 speakers cranking out the afterburner sound effects 🙂

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200,000 View Milestone!

I checked out my BatBerry blog stats this morning and found a very welcomed surprise! It looks like the blog just rolled past the 200,000 view milestone this morning 🙂

I’d just like to say thank-you for all the support and encouragement from everyone following my Batmobile build. The build so far has been an absolute blast, and what makes it even more fun is all of the support, comments and engagement I receive from all of you who follow along.  I also have a BBM channel (PIN: C00121FC2) where you can feel free to open up a chat with me.  I sometimes post small tidbits there and include other Batman related items that aren’t really a full BatBerry blog article.

I’m really hoping to get the car in a state to be drivable this year, so stay tuned because there should be lots of really fun progress this year!

Day 3 of Vacation

I figured it was about time that I tested my theory about doing things the second time only taking half as long as the first time.  What better situation than -12C weather with a wind chill of -20C to take the morning to catch up on some episodes of the Justice Leauge and Archer in a nice warm house. That way the sun could take the entire morning to shine on my southward facing garage door to warm things up for the afternoon.

After lunch I headed out to the garage to basically repeat Day 2 only this time on the passenger side where I had very little room to work.  The drivers side took me an entire day to finish, so starting after lunch seemed like a good test of my theory 🙂

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Day 2 of Vacation

I found a little gem at Canadian Tire the other day for a pin on the actuator.  I might need one that’s a bit larger in diameter, but the concept looks like it should work.  I want to make sure that the part that attaches from the actuator to the canopy is a pin that I can pull whenever I need to.  Just in-case I get stuck inside without any power for the actuator or the actuator fails.  I figured checking to see if this would fit would be a quick and easy way to start off day 2 of my vacation.

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Day 1 of Vacation

Ahhhhhh… Vacation! I actually even removed my work email account from my BlackBerry so that I wasn’t tempted to look at what was going on. With work squared away and others from my team covering while I’m out, I had two main goals for the first day of vacation.

  1. Finish glueing the wood backing of the canopy window frames to the fiberglass canopy
  2. Building the passenger side speaker box for the 30 Cal sound effects so that I could take it off the todo list

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Week of Vacation!

I’m getting really excited because I have a week of vacation coming up next week (24th-28th) where I’ll be spending the week in the garage working on the BatBerry.

Hopefully I can get a bunch of things done.  Of course, I never get as much done as I want to, but every bit of progress helps 🙂

Stay tuned for hopefully lots of updates!

New Clay Pigeons

I was lucky enough to have another Batmobile builder give me a lead on some very cool clay pigeons.  You might ask, what the heck do clay pigeons have to do with the Batmobile?

The simple answer is that they were part of the arsenal used by the car to knock out the bad guys doing bad things along the street.  You can see them in action at about the 45 second mark of the below video

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