Starting on the Passenger side Exhaust

Not a lot of exciting news to share on the passenger side.  Yesterday I managed to create another 5′ section of 2×3 tube for the passenger side of the car.  I then started to fit the new header onto the passenger side and ran into a snag.  Headers for this car are driving me crazy.

On the passenger side the header collector is slightly bumping into the bolt on the engine mount.  I’ll likely be able to modify the header to make it fit, but that means cutting into those nice ceramic coated headers 😦

I think in general I’ll have to make both headers angle a bit more towards the outer frame rails to clear everything on the block.  Just one more thing to do.  I’m thinking I can likely cut the runners off right where they meet the flange for the head and angle them outward

Maybe I can try that out some evening this week

Driver’s Side Exhaust 2/3 complete

This afternoon I was back in the garage.  At least it warmed up to -1 out there by noon so it wasn’t too terrible.  First up was figuring out the angle to cut off of the two 2×3 tubing pieces to get the desired 45 degree angle I was looking for.

Next I thought I would see just how hard it was going to be to bend that 3/8″ rod for hangers.  With the help of my vice and a lot of pounding with the baby sledge it ended up bending not too bad at all.  I didn’t even need to apply heat. I also welded on a ridge close to the end so that it doesn’t pull back through the insulator and then ground down the end to a nice tapered angle.

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Fuel Filler Neck Problem Solved

While I was visiting Performance Improvements this morning to pick up my exhaust parts I mentioned to the guys there that I’ll soon be trying to figure out my fuel filler neck configuration.  Basically with the lower fuel filler cap and fuel tank configuration an off the shelf filler neck will be tough to find.

So they showed me a simple solution to my problem.  They had a So-Cal universal gas cap that screws onto a 2.5″ mild steel neck.  This will allow me to cut a 2.5″ hole in some of my 1/8″ steel and weld it to the neck so that I can fasten it to the body. On the other end I can use some standard 2.5″ tubing to weld a neck at whatever angle I like.  I just need to add a small nipple to the filler neck for the fuel tank vent line and I’m in business.

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Exhaust Parts have Arrived

I should have all the parts I need now to really get started on the exhaust fabrication.  This included some 2.5″ weld on flanges and two O2 sensor bungs.  Believe it or not one of the trickiest parts to track down were weld on exhaust hangers.  Some had them available but they were a 1-2 week order time from the west coast of the US.  So I improvised a bit and just bought some 3/8″ rod from Rona that I’ll weld some ridges onto 🙂

I was also able to drop by the local Part Source and pick up some hanger insulators and some replacement O2 sensors (after I found out the existing ones were welded into the previous exhaust.. yeah.. lovely eh?)

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Afternoon Exhaust Work

After lunch today I headed out to the garage to get a start on the exhaust. My steel order arrived yesterday and I had picked up some exhaust bends on Friday.  First up was a quick change on the headers.  The old headers just weren’t going to fit after the cabin was built.  So I spent the extra money and also got a ceramic coated version of some block huggers to help with heat and corrosion.

Next I needed some 2×3 rectangular tubing. This rectangular tubing is going to run directly under the side frame rails. However when I called about getting that tubing they only had it in 1/8″ wall thickness which was going to be way too thick. So I ordered a couple 20′ lengths of the 2×2 tubing that had a thinner wall.

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Spring Cleaning

Yesterday afternoon was a good time to do a little bit of spring cleaning.  I managed to get most of the garage cleaned up so that I’ll have room to work on the exhaust over march break.

I picked up some 2.5″ mandrel bends and a couple of high flow metal-core cats to fabricate the exhaust.  Luckily I already had a couple of Flowmaster 40 mufflers from the caprice donor car.  The long stretch of exhaust tubing will be fabricated into some 2×3 rectangular tubing that I’m going to create out of a couple 2×2 tubes. This long tube will go right underneath the frame rails on both sides of the car. They will then have some 45 degree angles on each end.

It’s a bit hard to explain until I get started with photos, but all the pieces have been ordered and should be here on Monday.  I’m hoping to get the exhaust finished over march break.

Now its time to head out to the garage to finish up the spring cleaning before we go and check out some dinosaurs at the ROM for the afternoon 🙂