Cleaning up the Cabin

On the Monday of the long weekend I managed to do a little bit more to clean up the cabin of the car.  It was an absolute mess from the water that had gotten into the cabin during the adventure of getting the car down to the Yorkville Exotic Car Show.  I didn’t have the interior cleaned up and sealed at that time so as a result there was rust everywhere.

I was able to finish up the welding on the passenger side footwell, clean up the welds with the grinder and get rid of the surface rust with the wire brush.  I’m onto the second coat of primer on the rear wall of the cabin but I was only able to get a good first coat dusting on some of the other areas that I managed to clean up.

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Long Weekend – Day 2

Day two of the long weekend started off with a trip over to Iceland skatepark with my daughter.  She was showing Gran and Gramps what she could do on her scooter and I was trying to not crash on my BMX.  It was a good way to work out the stiffness from being hunched over in the back of the BatBerry the day before and get back into the swing of things for the morning.

The rest of Sunday was spent covering the plywood walls with fiberglass. It doesn’t take much material to skin the sides of the wood but it does take a bunch of time.  I decided to use some fiberglass woven cloth on each side to keep the thickness down but still give it the needed strength.  Each side of the wood was scuffed up with some 40 grit sandpaper and then covered with a layer of resin.  Then the fiberglass cloth was stuck down to the wood using the wet resin and then more resin was slathered on top of the cloth to make sure it soaked all the way through.

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Long Weekend – Day 1

I was lucky enough to have my Dad come down this weekend to give me a hand with the BatBerry working right into the evening. I really liked how the picture above turned out… it shows what people walking down the sidewalk or driving past the house get to witness.  We had lots of spectators over the last two days wanting to know more about the car and we made sure to take time to stop and answer any questions.  It’s always fun to see people stop and get out of their cars for a closer look because they can’t believe their eyes!

Everything always goes quicker when you have a second set of hands.  But of course even with lots of hands you always wish you could get more done. It’s kinda the rule of thumb when working on any project 🙂

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