Seats Turned Out Great!

I had been waiting to have the interior finished before getting the seats re-upholstered to make sure that everything fit and there was no need to keep installing/removing the seats all the time to check spacing. ¬†All the in and out of the car can take its toll on nicely finished pieces, so I wanted to beat on the old seats before finishing them off ūüôā

There were a few options for finishing off the seats but I really wanted to do them in vinyl instead of leather. ¬†Vinyl¬†would give a durable surface for me to step onto when getting in and out of the vehicle that I wouldn’t be thinking “oh god not my shoe on the leather” every time I had to get in and out. ¬†Simple and easy to clean.

But that posed a bit of a challenge. ¬†I’m used to re-upholster kits where you get the leather pre-stitched and then you remove the old cloth and attach the new leather. ¬†But these kits rarely come in vinyl and they are usually for all 4 seats in a vehicle. ¬†That meant I was likely better off looking for a custom job from a local upholstery shop.

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Some Odds and Ends

This last week has been a little bit of work on a few TODO¬†items as we get the car prepared to attend ImportFest in August. ¬†After finishing the interior work I now need some nice re-upholstered seats to go along with it. ¬†I’ve been delaying this for a while now because I wanted to be sure that I had the interior¬†completed and would be able to set the seats somewhere where I wouldn’t need them for test fitting any more.

For my build I’ve been using some seats from a 1998 Honda Civic with some modified seat rails to sit lower inside the cabin. ¬†To get these ready for some new vinyl I needed to clean up and paint the rails and seat pans as well as take care of the plastic trim covers.

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Interior Ready To Rock

After many long years of working on this car I am really happy to now be at the point where the interior is complete and successfully fitted into the car ūüôā

I can’t count the number of times that I’ve been in and out of this vehicle from starting with building the tube chassis, floor pans, driveshaft tunnel, firewall, and everything in-between. ¬†But now the interior is finally finished and I’m quite happy with how it turned out. ¬†The photos were the best I could get with the poor lighting of the garage. ¬†I definitely can say that you don’t want to drop anything black inside this car because it will be lost in a sea of black carpet and vinyl!

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