Interior Almost Finished

I was really hoping to finish up all of the carpet and vinyl work this weekend but I came up just a bit short.  One more full day of work should likely have things finished up.  I did however make quite a bit of progress.  Things started off by finishing up the carpet work from last weekend.   I still needed to complete the outer side carpet as well as the footwells and firewall.

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Carpeting and Gun Doors

First off I’d like to wish all the fathers out there a happy belated Fathers Day.  In honours of Father’s Day the picture at the top of this post is one of my favorites when my Dad was visiting and helping me with the car 🙂

My weekend was spent working on carpet for the BatBerry.  My original plan was to use some red vinyl as a template material which I could lay down on the cabin floor and trace to then transfer over onto the carpet.  But that didn’t work out very well because the material was just too floppy on the vertical sections.  So I ended up using good old bristol board as the templating material which was much easier to work with and I could cut and fold it to my will.

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Cabin Fabrication Complete

This weekend picked up were I left off from last weekend with more cabin fabrication.  I need to make sure that I have all the interior panels correctly fitted and constructed in a way that I can remove them, cover them with vinyl and/or carpet, and then re-install them without any trouble.

The first thing I wanted to finish was the center console fabrication.  I still had some mounting/anchor points to create as well as create an opening in the center console for the rear switch panel and an access hole for wiring.

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Cabin Is Almost Complete

The goal this weekend was to finish the cabin interior panel fabrication.  I came close but there’s still about a day’s worth of work left to finish up the panels in preparation for them to be covered in vinyl and carpeting. There will also be a little bit of fiberglass work to create the shape needed around the top of the canopy opening.  The fiberglass pieces will likely be some of the last few pieces to finish off the cabin.

My goal is to finish the fabrication and then totally finish the interior work to make sure everything fits the way I want.  Then I’ll pull everything back out again so that it doesn’t get all messed up with the final body work.

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More Cabin Progress

What a swing in temperature over the weekend!  Saturday was 30 sweaty degrees and crazy humid, and today’s high reached only 8 degrees.  Either way there was lots of work going on in the shop whether the garage door was open or closed.

After finishing up the sound proofing I’ve turned my attention to finishing up the interior panels and trim pieces.  These pieces are essentially the equivalent to the interior panels of your common vehicle.  Door trim, dash tops, plastic covers etc.

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