More Linear Actuators

As I’ve been putting the hood on and off multiple times using the ceiling winch, I’ve noticed that things tend to rattle around and ram into things when you’re lowering and raising the hood.  It can be tricky to line up the hood connection points, clear the guns and have the hood fall into place.  It’s especially tricky to try and keep the hood level as it goes down onto the car.

This is OK for right now since there isn’t any paint on the car, but once things start to get finished this is going to make me cringe every time I bump or scratch something.

To make this lowering/raising smoother I figured I could place a linear actuator on all four corners of the hood in order to lower and raise it into place without it crashing into the rest of the car.  I would attach the actuators to the frame of the car and have points on the hood that would meet the end of the actuators.  I could attach little cylinders to the hood to corral in the ends of the actuators to ensure that the hood was sitting in the correct position.

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Dressing the Part

I had posted a while ago about the cool motorcycle suits that are from UD Replicas… Well I’m glad to say that as my Christmas present this year, I’ll be receiving one of these custom built suits in the first quarter of 2013.  They are absolutely a work of art and I can’t wait for mine to come in.  I mean, if you’re going to be filling up the Batmobile at the pump, you need to be dressed the part 🙂

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Piecing together some gun doors

The gun doors that come with the Batmobile kit are made out of fiberglass.  Which is great if the car stays in warm weather.  But when it goes from hot to cold, to hot to cold… fiberglass starts to warp an curl.

Because of this I’ve been looking at ways to re-create the gun doors out of steel.  The main shape of the gun door is simple enough and can likely be cut using a water jet fairly easy.  The difficult part is the stamped vents.  So I went on a search for vents that would come close to matching those on the fiberglass doors.

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