Video Cameras Installed

The video above will give you a quick walk-through of the finished product, and I’m quite happy with how it turned out.  Since this car doesn’t have side mirrors, nor a rear window, you need to be a bit creative to be able to make the car street legal and safe.  In my case, I’ll be using rear view cameras that also have infrared to able to see at night.

First step was to create some brackets that could be used to bolt the video cameras in place.  I cut up some of my 1/8″ steel and made a couple of “U” shaped brackets by using a spare piece of 2 x 2 tube as a template.

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Two Solid days in the Garage

I took Monday/Tuesday as vacation days to recharge my mental batteries by working in the garage.  That’s right… working in the garage on the BatBerry is actually relaxing and therapeutic for me.  Everything else melts away and I’m in the zone, problem solving and having fun.  Although… my body definitely knows that its been through the wringer with lots of aching muscles 😦

I needed the time in the garage to clear my head before going back to work and pushing to get everything done for BlackBerry 10 Jam.

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Second verse, same as the first

I headed to the garage on Sunday to pretty much repeat the work that I did the previous weekend on the driver’s side.  I was also able to weld in some 1/16″ steel on the bottom and sides to seal it all in.

Before calling it a day I drilled and welded in some more mounting points to ensure the cabin walls will be held on securely.  Next weekend I’ll be taking a couple of extra days an hopefully get the rear floor all welded in place and ready to go.

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