Reinforcing the Dash

I accomplished a couple of small tasks today on the BatBerry.  First I finally cut my 2 x 2 box tubing into 10 foot lengths so that I can store them a lot easier and I also started to prep the dash.

The dash that comes with the kit is already pre-formed, but it’s just a flat sheet of fiberglass.  So I wanted to give it a bit more structure to make sure that it doesn’t lose its shape and also give it some areas for mounting points.

To do this I created some little “dams” out of cardboard around the edges of the dash.  The cardboard was first wrapped in aluminum foil and then taped in place.  The aluminium foil acts as a non-stick surface for when I lay down the fiberglass.

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Creating the Side Step

Today’s my last day of vacation and I wanted to get a bit more accomplished on the BatBerry.  Yesterday wasn’t going to see any type of body work because of the CRAZY heat.  Instead I spent yesterday afternoon with my family in a friend’s pool 🙂

The chassis is now scheduled to have its stretch finished next week so hopefully I’ll have some updates later in the week showing what was modified.  So this morning I started out on fabricating the side step.

I wanted a project that was fairly small that I could finish in a morning and have a sense of accomplishment for the day.  I’ll likely round out the afternoon by chopping down the 20 foot lengths of 2 x 2 box tubing into 10 foot lengths so that they fit better in the garage.

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A Little Body Work

While I’m waiting for the chassis to return, I figured I’d get started in on some rough body work to fix up the mold lines and imperfections.  One of the main areas I wanted to tackle was blending in the gas cap inserts.

The inserts are added after the body is pulled from its molds and it needed to be blended into the rest of the fender.  As you can see from the below photo, there was a gap that needed to be filled.  So I filled the gap with some short strand and then blended it in with some regular body filler.  By adding the short strand first it provides a more solid base than just filling it all with Bondo.

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No Need for the Flip-Flop Hood

After talking to a bunch of people about my thoughts on a Flip-Flop hood the general consensus was that it’s a great idea… however… it will end up being an engineering marvel with all the clearance of corners, wheels and angles.

So I have opted for a different way of solving the problem.  Since I only need this configuration for the sole purpose of being able to fit the BatBerry into my garage, I have instead equipped my garage to handle the situation.

My Dad and I spent the weekend prepping the garage for long term parking and making it easier to work on the car.  We decided to build ourselves a beam with some supporting posts and hung a winch over where the car will be parked.

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The Body Shell is Finally Home

Over the weekend we were able to get the body shell back down to my place so that I can make some more progress.  There’s been a delay on the delivery of steel needed for the frame stretch so it hasn’t been able to be completed yet.  I’ll call again this morning to see if I can hopefully get a target date for completion.

My Dad was also able to help deliver the body and stay to lend a hand throughout the weekend.  We had to do a little re-arranging of things in the garage.  Man… it’s tight quarters in there!  It will definitely make a difference once I can get those HUGE tires on the frame.  They’re taking up lots of space even when stacked.

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Primed the Afterburner

It’s a beautiful day out there today so I decided to lay down a coat of primer on the Afterburner (turkey feathers).  Since the chassis is off getting stretched, I was looking for something that I could do on the BatBerry today.

There won’t be any fire in my afterburner, instead I’ll have “simulated” flames using a series of 3 flicker units and strips of orange, red and yellow LEDs

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My “Other” Batmobile

I had the pleasure of going out with the Stance Is Everything crew for a photo shoot of my “other” Batmobile.  I spent probably about 7 years wrenching on this car trying to build up the skills to tackle the BatBerry.

I thought I would share the pictures here since the exterior color scheme (paint & wheels) is the same as what the BatBerry will look like.  Hi-Res versions of the pictures below, and more photos from the shoot, can be found in my Photobucket folder.

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