Front End Progress

Now that the rust sealing and paint work has been completed I’m free to start working on reassembling the front suspension with some new parts! ¬†I can tell ya that it’s much nicer working with fresh new parts for a change instead of having to fabricate something or dealing with nasty rust repair ūüôā

Before starting on the front reassembly I needed to complete two outstanding items.  First was replacing the passenger side drum brakes (internal & external) and installing the new 14 ft emergency brake cable that I had a local company fabricate.

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Front Chassis Paint Complete

Now that the job of rust removal is¬†complete I’ve been able to get the front of the chassis painted. There’s still a little bit to do around the engine, but I’ll get to that once the engine is removed.

The priming work for the chassis was completed late last week and I wanted to give it a few days to cure before I sprayed the final gloss black coat.  So today I headed out and did some spraying.  The nice part was that it was about 15 degrees Celsius outside today so I opened the garage door all the way for some extra ventilation without having to worry about heat.

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Front Rust Removal Complete

It’s been an agonizing week of front end rust removal and I’m glad that it’s finally over! ¬†Spending 5-6 days laying on your back wearing a visor and dust mask, grinding and sanding away rust is absolutely no fun and pretty mind numbing. ¬†Not to mention the stiff/sore arms, neck etc… But enough moaning and complaining.

Part of the front end work was removing all of the suspension which¬†didn’t want to come off without a fight. ¬†After 3 days of soaking the lower A-arms with WD40 the bolts finally came free. ¬†The top A-arms were a different story. Their bolts were so rusted you couldn’t even see¬†any threads left on them. ¬†Just a hunk of rust.

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Rear Assembly Complete… On to the Front!

Well, I’ve been able to complete the final assembly of everything under the rear of the car. ¬†That is except for the passenger side drum & e-brake assembly. ¬†I do however have a lead on a local company that will create emergency brake cables to my specification. ¬†No idea what they charge yet (always depends on a lot of factors) but I’ll find out on Monday when I go and pay them a visit. ¬†I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

To complete the rear assembly I had a few tasks to tackle. ¬†One was getting the afterburner exterior speakers installed and sealed into their housings. ¬†These two speakers provide extra “umph” to the afterburner sound effects to go along with the third speaker that’s in the afterburner itself. ¬†Since they are pointing outward on the bottom of the car they need to be resistant to water, so I used some Marine speakers commonly used for boats.

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Damn E-brake Cable!

Well work on the rear brakes has come to a little bit of a halt. ¬†I managed to finish up the driver’s side without any real issue, but as I was going through my emergency brake cable routing I found out that the passenger side e-brake cable is going to be too short.

Lovely ūüė¶

So I’ve been calling around trying to find a new cable that will be long enough for the passenger side. ¬†I guess if I decide to¬†look at it as a “glass half full” I can be happy that at least the driver’s side is now assembled.

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Rear Suspension Complete

Ahhhh… Heat!! ¬†It was a lovely afternoon working in the shop wearing a T-shirt in a balmy 20 degrees¬†Celsius. ¬†With full 220 volt service to the shop and a heater that gets things nice and warm very quickly it’s much more pleasant to get things done. ¬†There’s still some shop insulating to do but for now it’s nice and toasty warm ūüôā

After getting the heat situation sorted, I moved on to finishing up the rear suspension install.  The holes on the rear axle for the bottom mounts of the new shock hardware were too small so they needed to be holed out.

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