30Cal Doors Almost Ready To Go

Over the last little while I’ve been working with a local company called TinkerBox Creative Media who performs different kinds of 3D modeling and custom laser cutting, milling, stamping and more.  The project at hand is creating steel doors/lids for the 30 Cal replica machine guns.

One of the difficulties in the Canadian climate is the massive swings in temperature.  You can go from 30+ degrees Celsius in the summer to -20 degrees Celsius in the winter.  This is nasty on long thing pieces of fiberglass.  Basically what ends up happening is that a fiberglass piece shaped like a gun door turns into something resembling a banana!

Yes, you can try and create a supportive frame behind it, but it will still try to curl up on the edges.  So the goal was coming up with a design made out of steel but in a layered fashion so that you can decide on how many layers you wish to add in order to strengthen the door.  This is accomplished by layering thin frame pieces under the door giving it a skeleton.

The cool part is that everything is laser cut and the louvres are stamped steel!  I can’t wait to get my hands on a final production copy 🙂