Father’s Day filled with Exotic Cars

I had the great privilege on Sunday to be asked by the Yorkville Exotic Car Show to bring the BatBerry down to participate as part of their Father’s day show. It is a charity event where they bring out a bunch of exotic cars from around the area to allow everyone to check out these vehicles in person.  Proceeds from the show go to support Prostate Cancer Canada. Fantastically well run event with professional organizers, great coordination, communication and support from security staff and the Toronto police department.

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Preparing for the Father’s Day Show

Picking up where I left off, I finished up the body work on the canopy and sanded it down so that I could lay down some primer.  That was then followed with finishing the sanding on the rear of the car and the passenger side of the hood.

Once everything was covered in primer I did a quick wet sand with 800 grit just to give it a bit of a worn look to it.  I also gave the rear plywood a quick coat of the black primer to try and give it a bit more of a finished look.

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Another Solid Day of Work

Today started off with another morning at the skatepark with my daughter. This time I brought my BMX and tried to re-learn what I was able to do as a kid while she was whipping around on her scooter.  We had a ton of fun playing around in the morning and then I was able to get started on the BatBerry after lunch.

First up was disassembling the turbine to clean up the welds with a grinder in order to spray some black primer.  This will provide a good base coat for when I end up doing some body work to smooth it all out.  But for the sake of the car show coming up this Sunday, black primer with a nice 800 grit wet sand will do just fine 🙂

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Finished the Turbine Fabrication

I managed to succeed at today’s goal of finishing the fabrication for the turbine.  I actually got started after lunch today because my daughter and I were having too much fun at the skate park.  She was carving it up BIG TIME on her scooter 🙂

The flat mounting plates were welded to the curved sections that were previously created. Then it was on to cutting some strips and drilling them to be used as flanges to connect the legs of the cone. These were then tack welded in-place while the cone was inside the tub to ensure everything was positioned properly.

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More Turbine Fabrication

Quite a while ago I did a bit of work on one of the mounting plates for the turbine that was just the start of the road ahead. The little top square piece is where the support will be added that reaches out to the nose of the body to be bolted in place. However, what I figured out was that the mounting plate, while looking pretty screen accurate, was going to have a tough time working with the turbine cone legs.

Basically there were two things wrong.  Where I was going to put the bolts through were going to be a bit too close to the cone legs and would not allow me to do the gradual flare out at the bottom of the leg.  As well, the plate wasn’t deep enough for the depth of the cone legs. Where they were positioned would have basically allowed me to put two bolts mounting the leg to the tub instead of the four I needed.  This meant that I was going to have to make some bigger plates and move the bolts further out away from the cone legs.  While it won’t look 100% screen accurate, it will work for my turbine.

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Day One of Body Work

Today was an entire day of body work on the BatBerry as I start to get it prepared for the Yorkville Exotic Car Show on Fathers Day.  Man are my muscles feeling it! I’m pretty much over my summer cold so I figured I would sweat the rest out in the garage.  I want to make sure the body is looking closer to finished for the show so it was time to roll up the sleeves and get to sanding.

Started off spot filling and smoothing on the drivers rear quarter and fins. The sanding blocks that I bought previously really worked like a charm.  For the show I plan on having the car looking pretty good with some black sandable primer.  The picture below shows the drivers side after 80 grit, then primer, then a 200 grit wet sand.

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