Interior Speaker Boxes Completed

Since I ran out of 1/4″ material in the middle of the day today while working on the window frames, I turned my attention to a smaller project that I could finish during the second half of the afternoon.  That way I could still use most of the afternoon fabricating and then go pick up some more material before I came inside for dinner.

My target…. the speaker boxes for the interior.  I’ve been planning to have a 6.5″ speaker for each of the side panels down by your knee in the cabin and figured that I would use the marine speakers that I picked up earlier.  The 6.5″ speakers were actually a bit too big to fit in the area at the rear of the car for the afterburner sound effect and I’ll have to get a couple of smaller ones for that area.  The marine speakers actually had a nice little protective grill on them that I’ll end up painting black to match the interior.

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Starting the Window Frames

And so it was time to tackle the window frames! I had previously posted an outline of the concept I had for creating window frames so that I can properly secure windows and also easily replace them when needed.  The first test of the concept was on the port hole windows on the rear of the cabin which turned out as a success in my books 🙂

Today was now the beginning of the fabrication for the window frames for the front windshield in the canopy. To start I needed to create a support structure for the bottom of the canopy so that the bottom wouldn’t spring out of shape once I removed the existing window.  This was accomplished using some 5/16″ round bar that was bent to follow the shape of the canopy.  It needed to stay up closer to the window so that it didn’t get in the way of the inner ledge on the main body.  I’ll also be able to use it as an anchor point to secure the window frames and create an even more rigid structure.

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Final Light Pattern for the Afterburner

After yesterdays post about the completion of the afterburner fabrication, I started playing around with the LEDs and how I could position them.  I never really liked the look of exposed LEDs but I wasn’t sure how much light would come out if they were tucked away. I guess the only way you find out is to give it a try 🙂

I pulled out the speaker enclosure and wrapped the LED strip around the cylinder area where the speaker attaches.  This hides the LEDs unless you are looking into the afterburner on an extreme angle.  I taped the strip in-place, popped it back into the turkey feathers and the video shows the result.

I really like how the lighting looked using this technique, so I think we have a keeper and I’ll now move onto another item of the TODO list!

Afterburner Finished!

Ahhhh.. one more thing to check-off the TODO list! 🙂  All the fabrication of the afterburner is now complete and I’ve posted a video at the top of this blog entry to show it all working!  I can honestly say that I’m very happy with how it all turned out.  I will however need to double check my afterburner anchor points since adding the extra steel and the heavy speaker magnet gives the unit a fair bit more weight than it had before.

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Finished the Afterburner Speaker Enclosure

Today was my first day of two weeks of holidays! What does that mean? Well some time in the garage of course 🙂

I really wanted to get the speaker enclosure for the afterburner finished today and eventually get the afterburner fabrication entirely wrapped up before I move onto another project. Like all fabrication it starts out by drawing some cut lines onto steel.  Cutting circles is always a pain in the butt, however, the rotary tool and some nice metal cutting blades eventually did the trick.  First was the face plate that the speaker gets attached to.

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More Afterburner Fabrication

Sunday morning I had “afterburner” on the brain 🙂 I had been thinking more about the design of the afterburner and how I could make it more interesting to look at and provide a nice bright afterburner glow.  Also how it would all come together to be mounted.  The size of the speaker enclosure that I created templates for on Saturday was going to end up being based on how large of an inside cylinder that would end up inside the afterburner turkey feathers.

I had to decide if I would simply place the speaker enclosure inside the turkey feathers, or create an inside cylinder that everything would go inside of.  So I started searching around on the web for pictures of afterburners to see if I could find some patterns.  What I found was that many of them had an inner ridged structure very much like the picture at the top of this post.

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Templating the Afterburner

As I mentioned in a previous post about the afterburner lighting effects, I will be placing an outdoor/marine speaker in the afterburner of the car.  To do that I’m building a decorative piece to go inside the afterburner.  I received my inspiration from another build that I was looking at so I figured I would also give something like it a try.

Yesterday was silly cold and snowy so I decided to do some template work and mock-up this decorative structure.  The idea is to create something that may look like it would belong inside an afterburner, but at the same time provide an area where I can hide a speaker.

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Radiator and Fan are now Mounted

This afternoon I decided to tackle the radiator, fan and A/C condenser mounting.  I had previously created the cradle for these items and had just recently received my radiator back from having some tabs welded onto the end tanks

First was the simple task of holding the radiator in place and measuring how much I needed to trim off the tabs as well as mark the holes for the bolts.  Everything needed to be held in-place to ensure that I had clearance all around the rad without rubbing and also room for rad hoses and clamps.  Then I drilled the holes in the tabs and placed the radiator back into the cradle so that I could mark where the nuts would need to be inserted.

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