Day 3 of Vacation

I figured it was about time that I tested my theory about doing things the second time only taking half as long as the first time.  What better situation than -12C weather with a wind chill of -20C to take the morning to catch up on some episodes of the Justice Leauge and Archer in a nice warm house. That way the sun could take the entire morning to shine on my southward facing garage door to warm things up for the afternoon.

After lunch I headed out to the garage to basically repeat Day 2 only this time on the passenger side where I had very little room to work.  The drivers side took me an entire day to finish, so starting after lunch seemed like a good test of my theory 🙂

The passenger side intake cone didn’t fit quite as snug as the drivers side so I had to perform the process in reverse. To start I needed to secure the back of the cone with a support brace as seen in the picture at the top of this post.  That would ensure that the cone was in its proper position to do my measuring and creation of the foot support.  Just like the drivers side, I could only temporarily weld this in-place until I get the body off to complete the finish welding.

Then it was the same process of welding on a 2×2 arm, clamping the 2.5″x4″ plate to the bottom of the step on the intake and templating up some 1/8″ material to then tack weld in-place to ensure a proper fit.  Once I had everything temporarily in place I could remove the support arm out of the car and onto a more accessible table to repeat the process of making it all one nice solid piece.

And that was it…. Finished in record breaking time of 3.5 hours!  When every thing had cooled off I bolted it back into position and it all fit like a glove 🙂

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