Interior Fabrication & Installation

  • Create canopy ceiling surface with monitor mounts
  • Install rear engraved switch panel behind passenger headrest

Exterior Fabrication & Installation

  • Install and paint side mechanics
  • Install exterior battery boost points
  • Center rear camera mount
  • Reverse light
  • Install Driver & Passenger rubber step material
  • Machine gun door fabrication
  • Rear license plate mount
  • Front license plate mount
  • Exhaust coating or wrap
  • Install Wipers
  • Install weather stripping on canopy and hatch
  • Weather seal windshield and port hole windows
  • Exterior canopy switches

Body Work

  • Final filler work & clean-up
  • Adjust front wheel openings for “full lock” steering


  • Afterburner lights
  • Canopy actuator switch
  • Multimedia sound system
  • Afterburner sound effect
  • Machine gun sound effect
  • Rear cameras
  • Interior gauges & LEDs
  • Engine/ECU harness
  • General Chassis wiring

Mechanical Installs

  • Connect e-brake lever to cables
  • Rebuild/Install Transmission
  • Rebuild/Install Engine
  • Install Fuel level sensor
  • Install roll over valve bung in fuel tank
  • Run fuel lines/filters & inline fuel pump
  • Run transmission lines to cooler
  • Install Reservoir Tanks (coolant, power steering)
  • Install Air Conditioning
  • Install Hoses (radiator, power steering, transmission)
  • New throttle cable
  • Install horns
  • Bolt on exhaust/headers

Parts Already Purchased For Work Listed Above

  • Original Engine with media blasted accessory brackets
  • Original Transmission
  • Fuel Lines, filters, in-line fuel pump
  • E-brake handle
  • Horns
  • Full Vintage Air system (lines, fittings, cabin unit, wiring, controls, compressor, hoses)
  • Power steering reservoir
  • Coolant reservoir
  • Side mechanics
  • Bat-discs for disc shooter doors
  • Side marker lights
  • 3 overhead monitors
  • Rear view camera
  • Rear switch panel for behind passenger head rest
  • Weather stripping
  • Brand new driveshaft
  • Full exhaust (headers, cats, O2 sensors, hangers)
  • Engine ECU
  • Brand new full engine wiring harness
  • Brand new full chassis wiring harness
  • Driver/Passenger rubber step material

Parts Needed

  • Wipers
  • Reverse light
  • Head/Tail light bulbs
  • Any necessary engine rebuild parts