The BatBerry Heads To ImportFest

Last Saturday we decided to take the BatBerry down to ImportFest for its first outing.  The car isn’t finished yet but was good enough to bring some smiles to people’s faces.  Unfortunately I was too damn busy at the show to take many photos of the car, but from the amount of people taking pictures I figured I would be able to find a bunch on Instagram and other photo sites 🙂

I had been working on 3D printing the side mechanics for the car, but with the sheer amount of work to get things ready and the length of time it takes to print larger objects, I simply ran out of time to get them finished for the show.  We had a blast demonstrating the car and were able to wire up the 30 cal machine gun actuators, bat-disc doors, canopy and air suspension using Brainiac.   We even got featured as part of the ImportFest coverage on Dave Thomas’ blog Stance Is Everything.

Of course I see all of the things that are wrong with the car and need to be fixed, but no one else seems to notice them.  I’ll do some follow up blog posts that show how I put together some of the different parts of the car, but for now I figured I would post up the images I found floating around the internet.

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The Holy Grail: Hot Air Valves

The quest to have a screen accurate Batmobile leads you on journey to try and find a set of most difficult to find parts.  The parts I’m referring to are the side mechanics that are positioned on the sides of the car near the ground.  These are a combination of bends, flanges, valves, faucets and end pieces that seem to have a mysterious origin.  Story has it that when they were building the car for the movie they took a trip to an old military aircraft bone yard and started picking out parts that they thought were interesting.

There have been those who have tracked down the origin of many of the parts, but finding something you can get your hands on is next to impossible.  Because the likelihood of having real parts is very low, many of us resort to building our own.  The downside to this is that the side mechanics are very intricate parts so accurate reproduction is very difficult and it takes forever to fabricate.  For those of us in the car building community, an accurate set of side mechanics is the badge of honor for any replica builder.

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The Infamous Donut

Now that we have a 3D printer at Workshop 12 I decided to teach myself how to do some 3D modeling.  Typically I’ve left this work to others in the past but it has always intrigued me and wanted to learn.  So late Friday night Rob suggested using Fusion 360, so I downloaded it and got to work.

I figured I would start off with a fairly small project to try and learn the software and general capabilities of 3D modeling tools.  So I decided to try my hand at creating the “Donut” which is a circular disk down on the side of the car near the side mechanics.  In the first Batman movie this was used as an area for a grappling hook which shot out the side of the car to help make a sharp turn.  In Batman Returns it was just a decorative piece on the car, and the decorative piece is the current one used for the car on display at Warner Brothers Studios.

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