Adding some cabin anchor points

I was having a hard time getting motivated to go out in the garage this weekend, but then I watched one car show on the SPEED network and I was ready to rock again!

The work wasn’t that glamorous but everything needs to be done sometime.  The inner cabin walls are going to be constructed out of 1/2″ plywood sandwiched between fiberglass.  These walls will then be fiberglassed right into the body to permanently attach the body to the frame.

This is where I need to add some anchor points to bolt these cabin walls to the chassis/cage/frame.  I started off by welding in a strip onto the top of the frame with some nuts welded to it.  This will allow for a seal at the bottom of the wall.

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Trying out Arduino

I’ve had a few false starts when it comes to the control system of the BatBerry.  First I was looking at the Fusion Brain as the system that would run my relays.  However, this was only going to be able to use USB and I wanted a wireless option that could be used both with my BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook.

Then I bought a Bluetooth to serial converter so that I could use a serial National Control device to run the relays.  I’ve been putting of getting one of these control devices because they’re fairly pricey.

Recently I was over in Sweden visiting the folks from TAT and they have been doing a bunch of work with Arduino which is an open source hardware platform.  I was lucky enough to have one of the guys there give me a Bluetooth Arduino board that he was no longer using.  I’m thinking this will be the controller brains behind the BatBerry.

I’ve already bought a bunch of SPDT automotive relays and jumper wires that I’ll be using with the board.  Next I’ll be writing the microcontroller code to accept my commands via Bluetooth.

My first task will be combining two SPDT relays together to act as a reverse polarity switch to pop up/down the 30cals 🙂

One Year Anniversary!

Yesterday (Feb 20th) was the one year anniversary of when I successfully returned from the USA with the BatBerry body shell in tow 🙂

It was nestled away in storage last winter and brought out in the summer when I had my donor chassis stretched (beginning of Aug 2011).  It’s been a fun year of planning and working on the car and I do plan to have the car on the road this summer!

I’ve been travelling a bit for work lately so getting out to the garage on the weekends has been a challenge.  But I’ve been also ordering things behind the scenes.  My dash panels should be here shortly, and I have all the switches, knobs and dials ready to attach to the panels.

Looking forward to year number two!