Getting Ready for Mounting the Body

Over the last few days I’ve been gathering the parts that I need to be able to mount the body to the frame.  Today brought some of the key pieces to this puzzle.

I picked up my tires which were mounted and balanced.  I believe the question at Tires23 was “What the hell are you using these on?” 🙂

The tires are Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro street/strip tires:
Two Rear: 31 x 16.5 x 15
Two Front: 28 x 10.5 x 15

They are HUGE and I LOVE them!!

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Afternoon Patchwork

One of the areas that I needed to get fixed was the passenger side rear upper spring mount.  As you can see something tore through the metal and needed some TLC.

I decided I would try out my budding welding skills to attempt to fix this up.  I was able to find some scrap metal around the garage that I formed into shape and got to work.  The above picture gives you an idea what needed to be repaired.  Also the below picture shows another angle.

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30Cal Mounts Finished

I spent the morning cleaning up the garage to make room for mounting the body onto the chassis and finishing up my 30Cal mounts.  I was also able to bust out the new metal chop saw I received from my wife for Christmas and put it to good use.

More good news is that the chassis is being dropped off to be stretched on July 8th!  I’m hoping that I can then get the body mounted on the weekend of the 16th. Then I have the following week off for vacation to continue working away at the cage.

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Weekend = Welding & Painting

This weekend saw some fantastic weather that let me get out and do some things on the BatBerry.  Also, last week I had some people over to take a look at the frame so that I could show them what I have planned.  I should be getting an estimate and some hopeful timing around the middle of this week 🙂

Yesterday saw me crawling under my wife’s Jeep installing a trailer hitch.  This will let me put a car dolly on the back and haul the BatBerry frame to wherever I need to take it.  Of course the hitch instructions said it would take 15min.  Which would have been the case if all six of the threaded nuts on the frame hadn’t been caked in rust.  Instead I spent a bunch of time with a tap & die cleaning out the threads.  But in the end the project was a success.

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New Seats and Control Board

My lunch break on Friday was quite productive!  I took a drive out to Markham and picked up my front seats for $50.  I’ve been looking around for a set through the winter, but with the summer here people are starting to clean out their garages.

The seats are from a 1996-2000 civic which fit the need for low profile sliders because there isn’t much head room in the BatBerry.  I’ll have to re-do the headrests to better match the actual seats from the movie and then get the seats re-upholstered with some good quality black vinyl.

Vinyl you ask? Yes… I’ll be getting in and out of the car by stepping on the seats so I’ll need something durable that can be easily cleaned.

I was also visiting Ottawa for two days this past week visiting QNX systems and they pointed me in the right direction for a computer board that will control the switches of all of the systems on the car.  The board that’s now on its way is the Fusion Brain v.6.

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