Rocking Some Front Shocks!

After spending Saturday afternoon at the Toronto Subaru Club Spring Fling with the TMBLER, I decided to finish off my weekend by working on the BatBerry.  After receiving some great advice/support form Kevin at Air Assisted last week, I decided to tackle the front shocks.  When you use a front air suspension kit, like the one from Ride Tech that I’m using, you need to fabricate new mounting points for the front shocks.  This is because the old suspension was a spring over top of a shock configuration.

Now that the air bag takes up the space of the old spring, the shock needs to move to the outside of the suspension and bolt onto the bottom A-arm.   This involves figuring out exactly where to mount everything while taking into account things like A-arm travel, full collapse and expand of the suspension as well as wheel and tire clearance when the steering is in the full locked position.

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Good Day for some Painting

After a very cold winter and spending a lot of time getting Brainiac up and off the ground, I finally had some time to get out to the garage and make some progress on the BatBerry.  I originally started the afternoon wanting to get the front shock mounts welded onto the frame but then I realized that I needed to figure out exactly where to place the shocks while still having the brake line brackets work.

I decided I would wait until the beginning of the week to give Kevin at Air Assisted a call to get his advice.  I also think I’m two small sleeves short on the mounting hardware, but I figured it was better to ask Kevin to be sure.  So I didn’t want to try and get something started if I didn’t have all the necessary parts.

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