Hatch area metal work completed, Now on to the trunk!

My Dad came down for a couple of days to help me with some of the work on the hatch and trunk area.  The extra set of hands and eyes definitely makes things go quicker and smoother.

One of the main goals was to create the rear hatch roll bar shown in the top picture.  The idea is that this roll bar will help give some more structure to the rear hatch area around the fuel tank.  It will also serve as a mounting point for the rear of the canopy actuator, hanging the trunk hinges and mounting the fuel filler.

Of course everything is a jigsaw puzzle…  I needed to finish off the passenger side of the hatch area first to match the driver’s side.  I also drilled and welded in some nuts into the side bars for wall mounting points and on the roll bar where I’ll create an adjustable mounting bracket for the rear of the actuator.

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Transmission Tunnel Finished

I had three goals yesterday during my day off…

  1. Fix the angle of the machine guns
  2. Finish the transmission tunnel
  3. Finish the front/sides of the cabin

I was lucky enough to get both one and two finished yesterday and fell about an hour or two short of being able to finish the front/sides of the cabin.

I cut and tack welded all the pieces in place on the transmission tunnel.  I did however do the finish welding for the area where the shifter cable passes through.  I wanted to get all the hot stuff done in this area so that it wouldn’t melt the grommet later.  I’ll end up creating a little “boot” for the grommet to make it a water tight seal.

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30 Cals are Shootin’ Straight

In a previous post I showed the 30 Cal machine guns mounted on the BatBerry and the mechanism that makes them work. However, I made them parallel with the frame of the car but the hood of the car actually rises towards the front.  Lovely…

This resulted in the machine guns looking like they were going to shoot into the hood.

So one of the tasks yesterday during my day off was to correct this problem.  This would be easier said than done if you didn’t have to spend half your time moving things around, rolling the car backwards and lowering the hood back down onto the car.

I ended up cutting the tack welds and then simply tipping up the front of the assembly and tacking it back in place.  There isn’t much clearance on the front and rear of the 30 Cals as they come up through the hood so there’s a little bit of fiddling needed.

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Mocking up the Air Conditioning

This weekend’s project was mocking up and fitting the AC/Heating unit for the BatBerry.  I’ll be going with a Vintage Air GEN-II-Mini unit that has both heat and AC.  You can get a version that has defrost as well, but there will be no need for defrost in this car.

I headed over to Horton’s Hot Rods to pickup the mock-up unit so that I could get all my spacing setup.  I also picked up the firewall fittings so that I could try and find a spot to run the lines into the interior.

Of course nothing ever works/fits the first time.  Even though this is a tiny AC/Heating unit, I had to notch out the top of the transmission tunnel to make enough room.

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Teddington Nameplates

One of the members of Chicks Love the Car somehow managed to get their hands on some Teddington Hot Air Valve nameplates.  Teddington hot air valves are what are used as the center piece for the Batmobile’s side mechanics.  He was kind enough to take some hi-res pictures and give me the measurements of the nameplates. Since the originals (shown above) have suffered a bit of damage, we wanted to see if we could create some brand new replicas.

I was able to use the same Inkscape software that I used for the dash panels and created some new templates for these nameplates.

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Nothing Exciting, but Progress Just the Same

I was able to get out to the garage after lunch today and finish up a variety of things on the BatBerry.  First I drilled out the holes on the plywood walls of the cabin and made sure that all the bolts lined up, and threaded into, their anchors on the cage.  I also figured out how I’ll be mounting the sides of the dash to the cabin walls.  But instead of finishing the dash mounting points (which would involve working with some stinky fiberglass resin) I decided to turn my attention to some welding.

I started off working on the framing of the cabin’s back wall which goes up behind your head.  This area is angled forward as seen in the picture at the top of this post, but there’s also a flat area that runs back in from the edge of the body before it meets this angled wall.

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Blast from the Past

As I was digging around in the basement storage area I came across my wife’s old stereo system from our University days tucked away in the corner.  It’s fully functional including the SWEET cassette decks 🙂

I decided that this would be a nice upgrade to the sound system in the garage.  Currently I have an old school mini dial radio out there that just hasn’t been cutting it.  I’ve been wanting to crank some tunes from my PlayBook out in the garage but it needed a bit of boost from some amplified speakers.  This old stereo has an AUX input and some nice Bass boost for the speakers so it fit the bill perfectly.

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Fixed the Dash Bar

Everything went well on my previous dash fitting attempt except for one small detail…. The gauges wouldn’t clear the dash bar which ties the two sides of the cage together at the front of the cabin.  Good times 😦

Over the course of the week I spent an evening fabricating a replacement bar. This morning I reinforced it by plating the seams where it was butt welded to give it a bit more strength.

The goal of the replacement bar is to give me lots of room behind the gauges and create a bar that will be likely used to tie in the the steel on the front of the cabin.  I tried to eyeball up where my track will have to go for the the front canopy wheel and leave enough room for everything to fit.  We’ll see how good my eyeballing was when we get around to that part of the project.

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