Supporting the Body

Today started off as a miserable cold rainy morning and I had to suck it up and get out there to get some work done.  I’m really glad I did because mid-morning it turned into a beautiful day and I was able to get a bunch of work done.

I started off the morning modifying the afterburner.  It was really bugging me that it was inset too much and there wasn’t enough of the turkey feathers showing.  I had been looking at some more photos of the actual car and I needed to correct it or I would always notice it.

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Tail Lights Mounted

After a great week attending, and presenting, at BlackBerry DevCon Americas, I was itching to get back out into the garage and get some more work done on the BatBerry.  The itching actually came true with all the fiberglass dust that I created today 🙂

I figured I would spend the afternoon and get the tail lights mounted on the car.  This will definitely help make the car look more complete for Halloween.

I started off creating some cut out templates using Bristol Board that were the size of the hole that I needed to create.  I then centered these on the tail light mounting area.

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Reinforcing the Canopy

I was able to take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather that has graced us in southern Ontario over the past week or so.  This extra heat meant that I was able to break out some fiberglass to reinforce the canopy.

The canopy is a pretty flexible piece of the kit.  After getting the canopy fitted the way you like, you need to reinforce it so that it holds its shape. This is especially needed when you want to start mounting it to its tracks so that it can slide forward.

Most of the folks building one of these cars say that the canopy really starts to become solid once you get the glass into it, but I haven’t reached that step yet.

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Rear Bumper Beam Ready To Go

This afternoon I dug in and finally built my rear bumper beam.  I had been waiting until I had all the plating and rust repair done on the rear because I needed lots of room to get at things.

Now that the rust removal work is completed I’m able to tie the two sides of the rear frame together.  To start off with I placed the rear hatch and mocked up where the afterburner will go to give me an idea of how far back the bumper beam needed to be.

I made sure that the bumper beam was positioned so that I still had some play on how far back I may want to set the afterburner.  From there I removed the hatch and took my measurements.

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Pedals Installed

Thursday I took a mid-week vacation day to do some work on the BatBerry.  The goal for the day was to get the base of the firewall created, the steering column hole cut through the firewall, and to install the gas and brake pedals.

To start off with I propped up a false floor using some MDF and some 2 x 4’s to where it felt comfortable.  Then I started creating my jig so that I could move the pedals forward/backward and up/down to find the right position.

I found that the gas pedal mounting position needed to be set about 1.5″ ahead of the brake pedal mount on the firewall.  A nice little chunk of 2 x 3 served as a good spacer for the jig.

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