Front Hood Mounts Finished

This afternoon’s job was to finish up the front mounting boxes for the hood.  These are similar to the ones near the gun doors but in this case I already had the steel mounting point available on the chassis.

To start I cut a piece of 1/2″ plywood to cover the mounting plate.  I made sure the bolt was centered in the hole and then tightened it down with a nut and lock washer.  I also placed 1/8″ steel under the plywood to account for the aluminum plate that I’ll attach to the bottom of the box later.

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BatBerry T-Shirt on the way

I ordered a blue T-shirt for myself, and a red T-shirt for my daughter from Redbubble.  These will be fun to wear when we have the car out at some shows 🙂

The black and yellow design was created by @Pootermobile who is a fan of the BatBerry project.  Thanks again for the great design!

Check out the above link to his site where he’s created a bunch of BatBerry wallpapers for your BlackBerry devices

Finished the Hood Mount metal work

Over the last couple days I’ve been able to finish up all the metal work for the hood mounts.  The picture above shows the finished mount with the bolt that comes up through the section/box attached to the hood.  As we go through this post I’ll show how I created the mount.

First up was finishing the metal fabrication on the front two hood mounts.  These sit just ahead of the front tires where the nose will rest using a soon to be created box similar to the one seen at the top of this post.

Replicating the opposite side always takes less time than figuring out how to create the first side. I was able to simply trace the metal from the drivers side onto some Bristol Board, cut it out of 1/8″ steel and welded it all in place.  I also created tops for the box-mounts with a 1/2″ hole for the bolt.  I passed the bolt through the hole and welded it on both sides.  These mounts are probably overkill, but since I have no idea how much force will be pushing up/down on these mounts, I wanted to make them as strong as possible.

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Fabricating some Hood Mounts

Last weekend my parents came down to visit to celebrate my daughter’s 6th birthday.  The day after her birthday my Dad and I were able to spend some quality time in the garage.

The goal… figure out a way to mount the hood.  Generally speaking, the design is to have 4 bolts welded to the frame of the car pointing up with some platforms connected to the hood resting on these bolts that will allow me to place some lock washers and wing-nuts to fasten it down.

I need to make sure that I can get the hood on and off really easily so that I can hoist the hood up to the ceiling of the garage to park the car underneath it.

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Sometimes Anger Helps!

A couple of weekends ago I set out to do a couple things in the garage. First I wanted to finally try and get the old steering box off the BatBerry.  This meant both getting the pitman arm off the steering box and the disconnecting it from the steering rack ball joint.  I hadn’t been very successful on my prior 2 attempts.

The second thing I wanted to do, was weld up some pre-existing holes on the trunk of my Subaru.  These were holes that I had previously filled using fiberglass when I didn’t have any welding skills.  Seemed simple enough.

First the steering box was just not budging at all.  I was smacking the crap out of the ball joint with the pickle fork, and also trying to get the nut off the bottom of the pitman arm.  I decided that I was way too frustrated to continue and I would turn my attention to the trunk.

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