Trunk Hinges Installed

I’ve been getting closer and closer to finishing up the metal fabrication for the trunk.  One big step in that direction was to get some trunk hinges installed.  I picked up a universal hinge kit and got to work.

First step was to pick up some 90 degree angled steel.  This ensures that my hinges are going to be square and pointing in the right direction.  I cut the steel to a length where I felt the hinges should go, clamped them close to the edge of the hatch opening and marked my positions by holding up the hinges in place.

You’ll notice from the top picture that the hinge tabs are inset slightly from the ends.  More on that later 🙂

Each hinge has two tabs that you weld in place.  I lined them up to be as square as possible, held them in place with some welding magnets and tacked them in place.

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We have a Tank in-da Trunk!!

I was able to pretty much finish off a big job this weekend; namely the trunk.  There were a few things to consider when fabricating this area…  First I was waiting for the RideTech air ride system to come in, so when Kevin at Air Assisted sent me an email saying it was all ready and available for pickup, my daughter and I headed straight over first thing on Saturday morning to pick it up 🙂

I ended up going with the RideTech RidePro system that will give me different presets for ride height so that I don’t have to fiddle around with switches.  From talking to some friends with air ride systems, they said that if you don’t go this way to start, you’ll end up spending double the money to put one in later.

It also gives me an opportunity to reverse engineer the ECU so that I can eventually plug it into my PlayBook!

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