Getting Closer to some Cabin Walls

This afternoon started with replicating the bar that I used on the driver’s side of the car.  This will be the bolt on piece that I’ll use as the anchor for the foot step support on the side intake.

I was able to get it drilled and bolted to the side impact/armrest bar and finished up the welding.  I also finished the welding of the nuts into the tube for the cabin wall anchor points.   I also pre-fabricated some extra washer/nut combos for more anchor points to come.

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Working on some Step Supports

One of the reasons I wanted to get the side intake cones installed was to see how much room I’m going to have to put in some step supports.  The side intake doubles as a step to get into the car, but when it’s just a curved piece of fiberglass providing the support, you typically want to brace this area with some steel to hold an adult’s weight.

Sunday afternoon I pulled the car back and lowered the hood down onto the frame.  One thing that I had noticed before was that after cutting the hood from the rest of the body, the rear sags a bit right where it connects to the hood.

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Still thinking about the Fuel Filler

In some of my other posts I had mentioned that the two fuel filler caps on the sides of the car will not be able to be used as actual fuel fillers.  This is because they simply sit too low compared to where my fuel cell will be located.

I’ve thought of just running the fuel filler neck inside the hatch area at the back and simply popping the hatch to fill the car up.  But at the same time I’m not real excited about having this fuel door inside the vehicle.

The question that I keep debating is whether or not I should just do the fuel filler the exact same way they did on the movie car.  Run it flush with the body work up on the passenger side near the port hole and paint it the same color as the body.

Any opinions are welcome 🙂

Some Quick Intake Fitting

Tomorrow I’m planning on building some braces to support the step area above the side intake.  This needs to hold your entire weight as you get in and out of the car.

To do this I need to fabricate a platform and tie it back into the chassis.  So I wanted to see where the intake cone was going to be positioned to figure out how much room I was going to have to work with.

I just did a rough cut to get a general idea of how the cone was going to fit.  It still needs some trimming to sit the way that I want.

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Floor pans, roll bars and more

First up for the weekend was getting the firewall and foot area for the passenger side floor pans fabricated.  It made a HUGE difference having my Dad there to lend a second set of hands.  Getting all the templates created, cutting out the 1/8″ metal and holding it all in place is tricky job for just one person.

We started just after 1pm on Saturday and managed to get everything cut and tack welded in place by dinner time.  Getting this ready will allow me to go back and do the finish welding later.  We also had to create a little box around some sections on the frame.

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Dash Panels Are Looking Great!!

After just one day of shipping my dash panels have arrived.  There was a lot of work that went into figuring out all the panel measurements and details along with creating the vector art for the cutting machines but in the end it was all worth it 🙂

I’ve been working with Bill from TechniSoft who has been absolutely awesome!  Bill double checked my work, found mistakes and gave me a chance to correct them before the machines did the engraving and cutting.  The whole experience working with Technisoft has been an absolute pleasure.

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Debating Interior Colors

So I’m debating seat/interior colors…. I had originally thought of going with a simple black.. but I’ve also been planning on making the BatBerry a twin of my Subaru. The wheels are the same color and the BatBerry will be painted with the exact same paint as the Subaru.

I’ve been thinking that it would also be cool to do the interior upholstery the same. I plan on showing these cars together as a pair and I’m really liking the idea of making them as close to each other as possible. Here are some shots of the Subaru’s exterior and interior to give you an idea of what the color combination looks like.

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Passenger anchor point progress

Nothing real exciting to show today, but I did manage to get out in the garage and work on the passenger side cabin anchor points.

Basically repeated the work that I did on the driver’s side.  I got as far as welding the anchor nuts/washers into the tube frame but ran out of time.  So everything is prepped to simply weld in the nut/washer combos.

Some other good news is that my dashboard panels will be shipped out to me on Monday!  I hopefully will be able to start and get my gauges, switches and dials mounted on the panels.

Also, my parents will be coming down next weekend and my Dad is ready to help me out in the garage.  A second set of hands always makes things go faster.  One person can be cutting while the other one is welding 🙂