The Turbine is ALIVE!!!!

It was a beautiful day today so I absolutely needed to get out to the garage.  I had recently received my new sound board from Greg at Real Sound and I was eager to get started on the fabrication I had planned.  Greg was awesome to deal with, he creates a high quality board and keeps you updated on your build every step of the way.  I would definitely recommend Real Sound to anyone who’s looking for some cool sounds for their car 🙂

I posted the video of today’s end result at the top of this post because it turned out so freaking cool!  The neighbours thought there was some kind of jet taking off on the street because I had the stereo volume blasting to get the full effect.

My goal all along was to connect the turbine sound to the WWII throttle quadrant that I’m using for the gear shifter.  Since there are two other levers that I’m not currently using on the throttle quadrant I’ve been looking for fun uses for them.  As soon as I found out about Greg’s turbine sound board I knew I had to connect it to the supercharger lever!

To make it all happen I needed to fabricate a mount for the throttle pot that comes as an option with the sound board.  First I needed to add a platform to the back of the throttle quadrant cradle and brace it with a couple of angled side pieces

Next was creating a little box where I would bolt the throttle pot from the sound board.  I drilled two holes for the screws and used the grinder to flatten the side of the throttle pot housing to sit nice and snug to the top of the box support.

I then welded a 1/8″ plate to the bottom tray and drilled holes in it and the box support at the height that I needed to create a clear line of sight from the bottom of the supercharger lever to the throttle pot lever.  I also straightened the metal and drilled a hole at the end of the throttle pot lever so that I could get a bolt through it.  It wasn’t as “pretty” as I would have liked, but it will do the job just fine.

Next up was creating a little “pole” to connected to the bottom of the supercharger lever and to the lever on the throttle pot for the sound board.  The idea is that by connecting the two they will both move in the same direction in unison.

Of course nothing ever works the first time, and the pole didn’t have enough clearance.  So I had to disconnect things and trim out some of the metal before moving forward.

After that, the pole connected perfectly and the rest is history.  This has actually been one of my favourite additions to the BatBerry so far.  It’s the details that I think really make the car special 🙂

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