Ejection Handle… err.. I mean E-brake Handle

Sunday was another nice warm 15 degree day so I had the itch to get back out into the garage.  I was only able to spend a couple of hours working on the BatBerry but ended up making some good progress on my ejection handle… err… I mean e-brake handle 🙂

One of the interesting parts of building this large car is that there’s almost zero room inside the cockpit… I’m talking smaller than a Lotus Elise!  So finding a place to put the e-brake handle was a little tricky.  I had bought a floor mount handle quite a while ago and had been trying to figure out where I would mount it.  But then as I was reading through it’s instructions it mentioned the possibility of placing it right in-front of the driver’s seat.  Genius!!

When it’s down in front of the seat it’s tucked away and not getting in the way of my knees while driving or getting in/out of the car.  Plus a co-worker of mine gave me a great idea of making it look like an ejection handle.  So I’ll be creating the below vinyl sticker for it.  I think it’s going to look really cool!

Fabrication was pretty straight forward.  Create a mounting box that will slide down in-front of the seats.  Like everything, it starts off with cutting a few pieces of metal for the sides.  In this case I needed to create a box that I could bring in/out of the car.  This allows me to attach the handle and adjust it out of the car and then bolt it in place.  First up was cutting a slot for the handle and then drilling out the mounting holes.

Next was welding the different sides into place.  By adding a couple of sides it boxes it all in and gives it lots of strength.  Once the sides were in place I added some flanges on the bottom and drilled holes both in them and the top plate.  These will be used as the mounting holes for bolting the box to the chassis of the car.

I’ll end up drilling and welding nuts to the chassis so that this is a simple bolt on piece.  After everything had cooled down and cleaned up with the grinder I assembled everything together to make sure it would fit.  Below you’ll see some pictures of how it’s tucked away in-front of the seat.  There’s still plenty of room to grab the seat slider and room for the seat to still move forward (although it won’t need to slide any further forward). I think it’s going to look great as an ejection handle 🙂

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