Lighting up the Afterburner

The original plans for lighting up the afterburner were a series of Red and Orange outdoor LED strips inside the rear afterburner. These were then going to be connected to 3 flicker modules that are typically used in fake candles.  This would give the “fire” glow at the rear of the car.

Since then I’ve been able to make the awesome afterburner sound effects work and I also plan to place an outdoor speaker in the rear afterburner.  So I started looking around to see if there was any way for me to connect the intensity of the afterburner sound with the glow that will be coming out of the actual “turkey feathers” at the rear of the car.

I ended up coming across a pretty simple solution.  There are lots of really cheap 12V DC units that allow you to run audio into the device and connect a series of LED strips to it. It will then transfer/represent the sound from the audio into the LED lighting patterns.

This is where I’ll be able to feed the sound of the afterburner into this unit and hopefully get the desired glow on the LED strips based on the intensity of the sound.  The device cost me a whopping $20 on ebay so I figured I would order one and give it a shot.  As soon as it arrives I’ll connect it all together and post a video of the result.

But for now, here’s a youtube video of the same unit that is on its way to me 🙂

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