Last Day of Vacation

Today was the last day of my week of vacation so I decided to knock off a few more items from the TODO list.  These were a bunch of odds-n-ends that all need to be done but each one isn’t particularly that exciting.

First was building a cover for the area above where the brake lines connect to the rear cross member and then to a flex line going to the rear axle.  Of course one of the self tapping screws I was using had its head snap off, so I’ll have to drill it out and fix it when I have some more room to work 😦

So now I have two lids in the trunk.  One for the brake line chassis mount (pictured above) and one over top of the rear axle (not shown in the above picture) that gives me access to all of the connection points and suspension.

Next was completing the long outstanding task of mounting the Air Conditioning condenser to the frame I created for it in front of the radiator.  This was a pretty simple process of drilling a few holes and securing the condenser with some screws. It was just one of those things that I’ve been meaning to finish up.

Last for the day was making some permanent mounting points for both the passenger and driver canopy rails.  Right now they’re just held on with a few drywall screws while I was figuring out the proper angle.  The goal was to weld on some studs to the rails so that the bolt would pass through to the outside of the cabin wall.  That would give me access to the stutds from the intake cone area after the walls were secured to the chassis and it also ensured that the wheels would continue to run smoothly on the rails without hitting a bolt head.

I cut the heads off of a few bolts and then welded on some flat pieces of steel where the heads used to be. That gave me a low profile mounting material.  Then I drilled out the holes through the cabin walls.

It was then simply a matter of tack welding them in-place while they were still secured to the cabin walls so that I could remove them later and complete the finish welding.

The rails actually slope downward towards the armrest area so there wasn’t much room to place a stud at the front of the rails. To solve this I welded on a couple of flanges that would then use one of the cabin wall anchor points as a place to secure the front of the rail with a bolt.

The last picture shows the rail reinstalled in the car.  As always, it was then a matter of repeating the same process on the drivers side of the car.  Overall a pretty good day of work 🙂

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