Day 1 of Vacation

Ahhhhhh… Vacation! I actually even removed my work email account from my BlackBerry so that I wasn’t tempted to look at what was going on. With work squared away and others from my team covering while I’m out, I had two main goals for the first day of vacation.

  1. Finish glueing the wood backing of the canopy window frames to the fiberglass canopy
  2. Building the passenger side speaker box for the 30 Cal sound effects so that I could take it off the todo list

Of course the first day of vacation started off at -13C so it was a little chilly in the garage for any kind of adhesive work.  So I hauled the canopy down into our basement to warm up.  It’s also a good thing that the construction adhesive applies with a caulking gun and doesn’t have any odour at all.  I was able to get everything glued and then screwed back into place.  I’ll wait until the end of the week to do the final welding on the canopy frame since having it in the basement opens up more room in the garage to work.

After lunch I headed out to the garage which was now a balmy -7C so it wasn’t too terrible bad.  It was time to create a template for the passenger side speaker box in the same way I did for the drivers side box.

From there I was able to trace it onto some of the 1/16″ steel, cut it out and trace on the opening for the speaker.  Once I had the opening cut out I drilled the mounting holes and made sure everything fit the way I wanted.

From there I tack welded the front piece and a small rear piece to the body support arms connected to the sliders for the 30 cals.  Just like the drivers side, the passenger side speaker box also serves as a mounting point for the body.

Then it was a series of cutting out templates, tracing them onto some steel, cutting them all out with the cutting wheel and tack welding them in-place.

After all of the pieces were tacked into place I did all of the finish welding and grinding.  It’s always amazing how much quicker things go when you’re building a copy of something that you’ve already figured out.  Once everything was cleaned up and cooled off I did one last double check on the fitting of the speaker and then mounted the box back into its desired location.

I was actually quite happy to finish off everything that I hoped to accomplish on day 1.  Next up will be working on some more mounting points/supports for the side steps on the intake as well as connection points for the intake cones.

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