I Just Bought The New Donor!!

Let the celebration begin! After searching high and low, I finally have bought a good solid donor car for the BatBerry.  Unlike the last donor car, this one has a good solid frame!  It also has a more modern fuel injection system than the old donor.  The 91 caprice that I tried before actually had an older style throttle body injection system.

The new engine is a solid running 4.3L L99 V8 equipped with a cold air intake and also a nice Flowmaster true dual exhaust that sounds dead NASTY!  Once I have the car home I’ll record some video/audio of the exhaust note.

The former owner of the car (Chris) was nice enough to understand my needs for the car and has taken some of the valuable parts of the car off (after-market wheels, Impala trunk/hood, stereo, mirrors) so that he could lower the price for what I’m intending to use the car for.  He’s a true fellow car guy who has his own projects and needed valuable space that the caprice was currently filling.

I’ll be hauling the car home tomorrow after work.  I’ve been making sure I have room in the garage for the tear down.  I also have been talking to the Discovery Channel and they’re going to send out a camera crew to film the tear down 🙂

As you can tell, the color of the car fits the bill.  it was like it wanted to be the donor!

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