Working on the Dash Layout

Now that I have my Auto Meter gauges, I’ve been working through the dash layout for the BatBerry.  I want it to look as screen accurate as possible, so I have a bunch of switches and LEDs all lined up to placed in the right spots.

Many of them will be functional for the usual car stuff such as headlights, warning lights, fuel pump, kill switch, interior lights and the list goes on.  But others will operate systems on the BatBerry like raising the car up and down on its air ride system, opening and closing the canopy, raising the 30Cals up and down, and hiding and showing the license plates 🙂

The above picture gives you an idea of the center dash layout that I’m trying to create.  As a reference here’s a photo of the center dash from the actual movie car.

There’s lots of work to do to actually get my dash looking like the real one.. but at least I have a plan of attack.  And of course there will be a BlackBerry PlayBook mounted where you see the screen on the right 🙂

3 thoughts on “Working on the Dash Layout

  1. I’ll be going with a period correct/screen accurate as much as I can. Where it will have some updates is an embedded PlayBook in the dash that will also control the systems 🙂

    The gauges I think were pretty much the only things that functioned in the movie car. The switches may have turned on and off the LEDs but I believe everything else was “movie magic”

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