Tear Down of Donor #2

This weekend I’ll be working on the tear down of donor car #2.  I was able to get the car back across the city last night and safely in my garage.  Although, I had to make some minor alterations to the rear bumper (cut part of it off) to fit all 18 feet of Caprice in the garage with the rest of my junk 🙂

I also ended up having to pay for the towing of the car because CAA wouldn’t cover it under my membership.  According to them, they will not tow a vehicle that is not fit for the road… hmmm… Isn’t that the definition of needing a tow?

Anywho… I had a chance to connect with the folks at the Discovery Channel and they’ll be sending out a camera crew this weekend to start capturing some footage of the tear down, marking the official beginning of the project.  I’ve also finalized the arrangements for the garbage bin to be dropped off for all the scrap we’ll pull off the car.

I’ll be trying to post up daily progress pictures over the weekend to show our progress.  So stay tuned for more updates…

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