Some Odds and Ends

This last week has been a little bit of work on a few TODO items as we get the car prepared to attend ImportFest in August.  After finishing the interior work I now need some nice re-upholstered seats to go along with it.  I’ve been delaying this for a while now because I wanted to be sure that I had the interior completed and would be able to set the seats somewhere where I wouldn’t need them for test fitting any more.

For my build I’ve been using some seats from a 1998 Honda Civic with some modified seat rails to sit lower inside the cabin.  To get these ready for some new vinyl I needed to clean up and paint the rails and seat pans as well as take care of the plastic trim covers.

The existing plastic covers were a gray/blue color that needed to be swapped over to black so that they match the rest of the interior.  To make this swap I picked up some black Duplicolor vinyl dye/paint that works well for changing the color of interior panels.

I’ve also been going through the RideTech air suspension system with a test install to make sure that I have everything wired and figured out before performing the permanent install.  It was kind of fun to play around with the controller and watch the car go up and down.  We’ll have some more fun with this system as we start to automate it with the Brainiac control module 🙂

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