Progress at Last!

After a great week at BlackBerry World Conference in Orlando, I returned home to some nice weather and I feel energized to get rolling on the BatBerry.  I’ve made arrangements to go and check out a new donor car after work on Tuesday that hopefully has a solid frame and comes at a good price 🙂

Yesterday I scoured the city looking for the Bronze wheel paint that I wanted for the BatBerry wheels.  It’s the same paint I used on my Subaru wheels, and it can sometimes be hard to find in stock.  I want my two cars to be twins, and that means using the same paint!

Some people have asked why not powder coat the wheels?  The answer is that I have fiberglass wheel cones that go on the inside of the wheel.  In order to have them color matched I have to use paint.

Now that I also have the Subaru wheels painted, I’m going to get the tires swapped from my old wheels and onto the new ones so that the Scooby is ready for the weekend and out of the garage to make room for the donor car.

I think the Bronze color is going to look great on the BatBerry! I’ve already seen how the paint combination looks from doing it once before on the Subaru.  I’ll also be painting some of the accessories in the same bronze paint (gas caps, afterburner turkey feathers, exhaust pipes, wheel cones/bats, etc)

If you haven’t already… Be sure to click the continue reading link on this post to see more pictures.

5 thoughts on “Progress at Last!

  1. ive srarted to build one too what area are you in im just north of toronto but im building a standard and trying to make provisions for a 4 seater

  2. Where was is it that you found that bronze color paint. I’m going to be working on a one-off Plymouth Duster Concept and that just so happens to be the same exact color that I want to color all the chrome pieces throughout the car.

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