Electronics Rack Finished

Most of this weekend was spent either doing yard work or hanging out with my daughter at some local skateparks.  I did however accomplish both of my goals of finally being able to land a double peg stall on my BMX and knock off a few items on the BatBerry To-Do list 🙂

One of those to-do items was finishing off the electronics rack in the rear hatch area which will hold my amps and all other electronics for the car (sound boards, arduino, etc).  I had previously cut the wood that would serve as the mounting surface, but now I needed to make it all fasten together.

First was marking off all the holes on the rear lid that goes above the axle and then drilling and bolting down the plywood to the lid.  As I mentioned in another blog article, I’ll be covering the plywood material in some nice dark gray sub-woofer box material.

Then I needed to mark some spots on the two rails that stretch from the lid to the bar that’s behind the passenger cabin.  These were then drilled out with a large enough hole to then weld in some nuts so that the plywood could be bolted to the rails.

After everything had cooled off from the welding and grinding, I bolted everything into the hatch of the car.  Overall it was a pretty smooth process and I’m happy with how it turned out.

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