Hood Supports Complete

Another item that I knocked off my to-do list this past weekend was creating some adjustable hood supports.  The concept behind these are very similar to the feet you find on the bottom of your fridge or stove.

In order to get the section where the hood meets the cabin body to line up perfectly you need to fiddle around with height of where the hood rests.  The best way to do this is with some adjustable supports.  The hood on your average car also has this same concept where they are typically threaded rubber stoppers on both sides of your rad support.  All the little things that allow you to dial-in the gaps on a car.

I already had this in mind a while ago when I built out the area in-front of the cabin.  Now it was just a matter of drilling the holes and finishing up the project.  Once the holes were drilled I did my usual trick of welding a nut to a washer and then inserting it upside down into the freshly drilled hole.  Then you just weld the washer to the surrounding steel.  A very simple trick for welding a nut into a flat surface 🙂

Below you can see the simple approach taken by adding a nut to a bolt and then threading the bolt down into the freshly welded insert.  This allows you to adjust the height of the bolt head by threading it up/down on the chassis, and then using the secondary nut to tighten and hold everything secure and not allowing the bolt to spin.

I’ll end up adding a rubber bumper on the top of the bolt so that it isn’t a sharp hard surface where it meets the hood.  This will allow me to make the proper adjustments to line everything up exactly as I like and then secure it all by tightening the nut.

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