Electronics Rack Progress

I was able to make some more progress on the electronics rack yesterday.  Previously I had fabricated the mounting points and bars for the rack, but now I’m starting to turn my attention to the surface material.  Turns out the width of the area needed was almost a perfect 24″.

That allowed me to simply go and pick up a pre-cut 2’x4′ hobby board from the local store. I chose to use plywood as the backing surface instead of MDF because I’ll end up adding and removing components multiple times.  Plywood is just friendlier for wood screws than MDF which will sometimes just chew away the material and you end up having to use wood filler.

I have some subwoofer box covering material that I’ll use to wrap these pieces for a nice finished look.  However I still need to insert/weld in some nuts on the upper braces so that I can bolt the boards to the frame.  I had ran out of smaller nuts/bolts so that will have to wait for another trip to the hardware store before drilling and fastening everything in-place.

Here are a couple more pictures showing the amount of surface area I’ll have for all of my componentry 🙂

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