Y-Pipes are now Fabricated

After lunch today I took a road-trip to a couple of parts stores.  One was to grab four J-pipes that I had on order so that I could finish fabrication on my exhaust tips, and the other was the local Subaru dealership to pick-up some trunk latch parts.  I’ve had some previous experience with my Subaru’s trunk latching mechanism, so I figured I would stay with something I know.

This afternoon’s task was to use the 45 degree sections of the J-pipes to build a Y-pipe to act as a splitter on the back of my exhaust tips.  Since I have two tips per side and only one actual exhaust pipe on each side, I need to split the exhaust so that it comes out of both of the tips.

This started off by cutting two 45’s to size and then splice them to meet in the middle.  From there you an take the end of another pipe, hold it over the tip of where the two parts of the 45’s meet and trace your circle.  Once that’s done just cut off the tip of the 45’s and tack weld everything together.

I then simply repeated these same steps to fabricate the Y-pipe for the second set of exhaust tips, and of course I made sure it would clear my trunk pan before doing the final welding 🙂

It looks like I’ll probably have about 1/2″ – 3/4″ clearance of the trunk pan on both sides.  I still have to perform the final step of making some solid (removable) mounts for the exhaust tips and then also weld on a flex section to the end of the straight pipe so that there’s some play in the exhaust once it’s all connected.

Here’s one final picture of the back of the car with the two exhaust tips temporarily propped up into place.

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