Passenger Side Work

I managed to finish up a couple of tasks on the passenger side which needed some attention.  Essentially I needed to finish the speaker box and also create the actuator mount for the passenger side Bat-disc door.

First task was to grind out some of the extra fiberglass from the body so that the speaker box I fabricated would fit properly.  Once I start in on the body work I’ll smooth this area out and fill the extra hole in the middle.  The holes in the top right and bottom left are for the speaker box mounting points.

Once the bolt locations were marked on the back of the speaker box I could weld on a couple of bolts to secure the speaker box to the body.

Then it was time to give the speaker box a skim coat of body filler, smooth everything out and give it a couple coats of primer.  I also drilled out the rivet holes to the proper size and added the pop rivets all around the mesh.

Then it was time to start on the mounting points for the passenger side actuator for the Bat-disc door.   This started with creating a “shelf” to attach to the chassis so that I could create another bracket like on the driver’s side.

This was then welded in-place so that the top of the shelf was the same height as on the driver’s side.  Of course nothing on the car is the same on both sides, so my actuator bracket needed to be a bit taller on the passenger side.

This was essentially the same as the driver’s side with a slot to allow the bracket to move in/out as needed to adjust the closed position along with a nut welded to the shelf.  The last task for the day was to test out the actuator to make sure everything worked properly.

Everything worked as I hoped.  No binding or weird angles that would cause problems.  Just like the driver’s side the hanging of the Bat-disc door will need to be dialled in so that it sits nice and flush with the body.

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