Interior Almost Finished

I was really hoping to finish up all of the carpet and vinyl work this weekend but I came up just a bit short.  One more full day of work should likely have things finished up.  I did however make quite a bit of progress.  Things started off by finishing up the carpet work from last weekend.   I still needed to complete the outer side carpet as well as the footwells and firewall.

This was the same process as before where everything was templated using Bristol board and then transferred onto the carpet.  I actually needed to make another run to Rona for some extra carpet.  So here comes the picture gallery of the “almost” finished carpet work.  I still have the one back wall that requires its carpet to be glued.

The lower section in this picture between the top and bottom carpet is the last area that I need to finish.  The carpet will need to be cut to size and then glued onto this piece of MDF.

Finishing up the carpet work took me into the evening on Saturday.  I wanted to make sure that I had all of the pieces finished that would meet with any trim panels.  All trim panels that had issues with fitting were trimmed so that they were ready for vinyl.  Before ending the day I glued some spacers onto the back of some of the trim panels.  There are bolts that secure the side walls which have exposed heads which causes raised areas.  Spacers were strategically glued to the backside of the side trim panels so that they wouldn’t bend inwards if they were secured to an area that was not raised by a bolt head.

Sunday was time to get to work covering all the trim pieces with vinyl.  It was a rainy day with silly winds so I had to work with the garage door only open a crack. So pretty much the whole day was spent wearing a good canister vapor mask.

The trim pieces were placed onto the back of the black vinyl and were traced to give a point of reference when I started to apply the glue.  Extra material was left around the edges of the trim so that there was enough material to wrap around the edges of the trim and glue to the backside.

Heavy duty contact cement was then applied to the trim piece as well as the vinyl.  Once the glue was dry to the touch the two were brought together and then glue was applied to the outer edge of the backside of the trim.

Once this layer of glue was dry to the touch the material was trimmed and folded over onto the backside to create a nicely wrapped piece.  I used a heat gun on its low setting to warm up the vinyl which made stretching and folding much easier.

Here are a few pictures of the trim pieces  when they were finished.  I actually ended up with stacks, and stacks, of trim.  I didn’t realize just how many separate trim pieces were needed!


Like most things in life a good final result comes with patience and perseverance.  It would be easy to try and “power through” the wrapping of the trim, but that would likely result in a job that would just need to be redone.

My fingers are definitely feeling it this morning from all the pulling, pushing and smoothing needed to get a snug fit.  The main pieces that are left to wrap are the top dashboard lid, the dashboard face and a couple of pieces that form the center console.  Like I said earlier, I think one more solid day of work will finish up the trim pieces and I can then perform the final assembly to see how it all looks 🙂

2 thoughts on “Interior Almost Finished

  1. Absolutely brilliant build. Thanks for documenting the process so thoroughly. It’s both a thrill to read along and is also an excellent reference set for all sorts of projects.

    I felt for you while reading about wrapping vinyl. I’ve built two Captain Kirk chairs. The hardest part was wrapping the vinyl seats. Yes, sore fingers the next day.

    Really looking forward to seeing the cockpit finished.



    1. Thanks for all the kind words Ted! Hopefully only a little bit more vinyl to go.. then I’ll just have sore fingers from sanding the body 🙂

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