Sound Proofing and Brakes

I was able to check off a couple more items from the TODO list this weekend by tackling the sound proofing and the brake lines.  I started some of the sound proofing last weekend but I still had a bunch left to do.  The task wasn’t difficult, but was a killer on the knees.  Crouching, kneeling and constantly getting in and out of the car to measure, trace, and cut the sound proofing material plays havoc on your joints.

Everything turned out really well, and I still have some left over sound proofing material that I should be able to use in the trunk area surrounding the tank for the air suspension. My cabin looks like the outside of the lunar landing module 🙂

The brake lines were an annoying fiddly job.  Bending, twisting, turning, cutting, flaring, bracing…. well you get the point.  At least I still had all of the tools I needed for the job from when I ripped out the ABS from my Subaru to perform an engine bay shave and wire tuck.  I also re-used the same 1/4″ line p-clips from the air suspension to hold the new brake lines.  Of course the brake lines are 3/16″ so I wrapped the line with a small piece of silicone hose right at the clamp to create a snug fit.

I started at the front of the car by running lines from both of the front flex lines back down to a “T” fitting at the bottom of the old engine cross member.   Getting the angle correct at the flex line joining point where I could still get a line wrench on the fitting and clear the shock was a matter of trial and error.  But in the end it turned out pretty nice.

The rear was simply a pain in the ass.  There wasn’t a lot of room to get the fitting threaded and the angle had to be perfect or else the flare wouldn’t seat and the nut would refuse to thread.  The other crappy part was that I had a coil of green coated brake line.  So trying to straighten it and run it along the side of the car was an other PITA.  But in the end I was quite happy that everything was finished and successfully connected into the OEM bias block on the brake booster.

The only tasks left in order to completely finish off the brakes is to connect the rear e-brake cables to the cabin lever and then fill and bleed the brake lines 🙂

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