Things are Coming Together

I’m really happy with today’s progress on the BatBerry.  Not that I accomplished a lot tasks, but that what I was working on were “finishing” tasks.  For so long it has all been about, mock-up, test fit, un-install, fabricate, test fit, un-install, prime, paint, and then final assembly for every last square inch of this vehicle!

So it’s been really nice to be working on things where I’m actually performing final assembly such as the recent chassis, suspension and exhaust work.   And now working on final chassis and inner cabin prep.  Which means most of the crazy fabrication work is behind me.  Of course there will still be more fabrication, but it’s finally nice to see things get put together instead of everything being hopes and dreams 🙂

After finishing the seam sealing and priming the final bits of the chassis, firewall and transmission tunnel yesterday, I finished the job at hand by painting that same area this morning.  Once everything dried I removed the tape to reveal my work but left the plastic over the radiator and suspension.  I’m really happy with how the paint turned out.  So clean and shiny.

I’ll let the paint cure over night before bolting on the brake booster and steering column.  But I did manage to get the steering shaft(s) re-installed and ready to rock.  I did however have to trim a bit off the top of the driver’s side A-arm.  The new A-arm had a ridge that was taller than the stock A-arm which wasn’t allowing the arm to clear the steering shaft.  Once I re-install the steering column I’ll tighten all the steering shaft supports so that everything is rock solid.

The job for the afternoon was to first dis-assemble everything from the cabin, vacuum out all of the crap, wash and wipe everything down, and then spray the inner cabin tub with the same black chassis paint.  FYI, I actually use gloss engine enable for painting the chassis parts which gives a nice hard enamel finish.  Below you’ll see a before and after comparison of the cabin.

While the paint was drying on the car, I also took the time to spay some black primer on the sides of the dashboard’s center kick panels.  These pieces ensure that you can’t see all of the crazy wires back behind the center of the dashboard.  These will eventually be wrapped in black vinyl material to match the rest of the interior.

With the interior cabin all painted I’ll be able to start and perform final installation of the steering column, brake booster, gas pedal, emergency brake and the throttle quadrant shifter.  It will also allow me to start the final interior cover panel fabrication which will eventually be covered in vinyl or carpet.  But before laying the carpet I’m likely going to also lay down some “brown bread” sound deadening material.  I have a roll of it in the basement that I’ve been saving for when I finally got to this point!

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