The Engine Comes Out

Today was the day! Time to finally get the BatBerry back down on its tires and yank that old engine and transmission out of the engine bay.  The existing engine/transmission will eventually be replaced with a re-build 96 small block Chevy LT1 (with matching transmission) which was used as part of the “cop car” package for the 96 Caprice as well as the engine for the Corvette and Camaro during that time period.  The 96 was the first year that they used ODBII on the ECU for the car so that will also allow me to plug in Brainiac to read all the system information 🙂

The good news is that my existing engine is the little brother of the LT1 which means all of the accessories fit the LT1 since the only real differences between the two engines were internal.  With the engine out I’ll be able to finish up supporting the engine mounts and do the final engine bay prep and painting.  Then it will be on to re-installing the brake booster and steering linkage.

Since the suspension is now finished I simply lowered the car back down onto its tires and had my good friend Alex come over to help me roll the car out onto the driveway.  It’s fun to see the car out in the open to get a better feeling of just how big it is.  Also, it really looks like some kind of Mad Max vehicle at the moment 🙂

Rolling the car out onto the driveway let us lower the hood down from the ceiling where it’s currently held by straps and a winch.  We needed to carry the hood out of the way so that we had clearance to to use the engine cherry picker.  Then we rolled the car back into the garage and got to work.

Removing the engine was pretty straight forward.  Of course I forgot to drain the transmission fluid so that made a bit of a mess, but live and learn.  at least I remembered to remove the transmission mount bolts before I lowered the car 🙂

After a bit of pushing and prodding we were able to pick the engine clean from the bay and get it located over on the garage floor.  I’ll eventually disconnect the transmission and get the block up on an engine stand so that I can start stripping off the accessories that I’ll keep for the new LT1.

Overall it was a pretty easy process.  Most of the time was spent both moving things in and out of the garage to make room to manoeuvre and the final clean-up getting everything put away.  A big thank-you goes out to Alex who made everything possible this morning!

Tomorrow will be spent heading up to my home town of Tara, Ontario to visit my parents for Mothers day and my Dad’s 70th birthday!

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