Good Day for some Painting

After a very cold winter and spending a lot of time getting Brainiac up and off the ground, I finally had some time to get out to the garage and make some progress on the BatBerry.  I originally started the afternoon wanting to get the front shock mounts welded onto the frame but then I realized that I needed to figure out exactly where to place the shocks while still having the brake line brackets work.

I decided I would wait until the beginning of the week to give Kevin at Air Assisted a call to get his advice.  I also think I’m two small sleeves short on the mounting hardware, but I figured it was better to ask Kevin to be sure.  So I didn’t want to try and get something started if I didn’t have all the necessary parts.

This is a very common occurrence when working on this car.  Originally intend to do X and then realize that you need to do Y and Z before you can do X.  Then you decide to do Y and realize that you’ll need to do A, B and C before Y can be done.  It never ends, but you just take it one step at a time.

As an alternative I figured I would get a few odds and ends out of the way.  With such nice weather today I decided to get some painting finished.  I managed to get the frame cross brace, brake line brackets and wheel bats painted.

I also assembled the front frame for the radiator, air conditioning condenser and rad fans.  The frame was painted earlier in the year so this was simple assembly work.  I also took the time to bolt the transmission cooler back in-place now that the chassis has been painted.

I finished some other odds and ends but nothing real exciting which would warrant pictures.  Mainly degreasing and also some rust repair on a couple of sway bar brackets which are now soaking in the rust remover bath.  Once they are finished with their bath I’ll be able to get them painted up and the front sway bar re-installed 🙂

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