Castle Nuts, Ball Joints and Grease Fittings

Over the weekend I was able to finally get back out into the garage and make some more progress on the BatBerry.  It’s been crazy cold over the last little while and even with the shop heater it’s hard to warm things up when it is -20 Celsius outside!

With a nice “just below freezing” warm spell over the weekend I was able to get things heated up to comfortable 10 degrees and cranked up the tunes!  I even managed to work up a sweat 🙂

The goal this weekend was to get the front steering components all back together and ready to roll.  This was a fairly straight forward task of tightening a few bolts and getting the steering rack re-installed.

Everything was pretty much new hardware except for the center link of the steering rack.  That part was still in good condition so I just cleaned it up before re-installing it.  It also seems like my copying the inner and outer tie rod lengths worked out pretty well.  The wheels look fairly straight but it’s all just temporary until I get a proper front end alignment completed.

It’s been forever since I’ve had to work on grease fittings on a car.  Last time was when I was a teenager and my Dad was showing me how to service all the ball joints on our 1981 Crown Victoria with a good old grease gun!

I’m happy now that everything is all back together, tightened and fully greased.  Getting these parts back on the car actually cleared up some room in the garage for some more fabrication work that I’m starting this week to perform some experimentation with in car computer systems 🙂

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