Front Chassis Paint Complete

Now that the job of rust removal is complete I’ve been able to get the front of the chassis painted. There’s still a little bit to do around the engine, but I’ll get to that once the engine is removed.

The priming work for the chassis was completed late last week and I wanted to give it a few days to cure before I sprayed the final gloss black coat.  So today I headed out and did some spraying.  The nice part was that it was about 15 degrees Celsius outside today so I opened the garage door all the way for some extra ventilation without having to worry about heat.

You can see that old rust bucket of an engine in there waiting to be plucked out and replaced with something nice and shiny!

I also took the opportunity to spray the radiator support and AC condenser frame with some gloss black while I had the paint out and handy.  These were previously cleaned up during the rust removal process.

I’ll likely let the chassis paint dry for at least 24 hours before I start to reassemble the front suspension just to give it that extra time to cure.  I have a few odds and ends that I plan to work on tomorrow which should keep me busy 🙂

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