Damn E-brake Cable!

Well work on the rear brakes has come to a little bit of a halt.  I managed to finish up the driver’s side without any real issue, but as I was going through my emergency brake cable routing I found out that the passenger side e-brake cable is going to be too short.

Lovely 😦

So I’ve been calling around trying to find a new cable that will be long enough for the passenger side.  I guess if I decide to look at it as a “glass half full” I can be happy that at least the driver’s side is now assembled.

The other good news is that the passenger side actually looks in better condition than the filthy nasty driver’s side that I just finished up.  The passenger side looks like it had actually been serviced before, but the driver’s side looks like all original hardware from 1994. Here’s a before picture of the what the driver’s side brakes that came off the old axle looked like.

After everything was pulled apart, cleaned up and put back together, things looked much nicer.  I must say I definitely would rather work on disc brakes than drums.  I always felt like I needed a second set of hands with all the moving parts/springs as I was trying to get things put back together.

Now I just need to figure out a solution to that damn passenger emergency brake cable.  It might be a situation where I need to “buy” my way out of the problem.  There are a couple of kits out there that come with two cables at the length I need for the passenger side.. but they’re expensive, especially when I only need one of the cables.

But that price might be less than the amount of time/energy/cost it will take to make the ones I have work.  I have someone looking into it and hopefully the manufacturer will split a kit for me.

To be continued… 🙂

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