Painting and Shop Wiring

The last couple of days have been spent prepping for some more paint and also getting the shop better equipped for electricity.  Monday afternoon was spent mostly running around from store to store to grab all the things I needed to wire up a new sub-panel.

Running the air compressor, tools, and soon a heater is very taxing on the electrical system.  So I’ve brought some 220 volt service into the garage.  A dedicated circuit for the air compressor and also a dedicated 30 amp circuit for the heater or future needs.  There’s lots of room for extra circuits so I can expand as needed.

Tuesday was a nice warm 20 degree day so it was perfect for painting the parts that I recently brought back from the media blasters.  I must say that all the parts turned out quite nice!

The rear axle, sway bar and brackets were all painted the same glossy enamel black as the chassis of the car.  The exhaust tips were painted a flat black using header/exhaust high temperature paint.  The flat black on the exhaust tips should look much more sinister sticking out of the back of the car than glossy ones 🙂

I still have a few connections left to do on the new sub-panel, but it’s pretty much ready to be connected to the master panel.   Today will mostly be spent finishing off the garage wiring but also getting the rear axle ready for re-install:

  • Change out the gear oil
  • Swap out the rear differential cover & gasket for new ones
  • Installing the brake lines
  • Connecting the lower trailing arms

Who knows, I might even get the rear axle installed back into the car! Fingers crossed….

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