Exhaust Fabrication Finished

In my last post I covered finishing off the driver’s side exhaust.  Everything is now securely hung and it has the ability to have a little bit of “bounce”.  The hangers however keep it under control and there’s very little play.

The last couple of afternoons were spent tackling the remainder of the exhaust system.  Primarily from the header back to the loops going over the rear axle and then finishing off all of the seam welding.

This work was mainly duplicating the same path as the driver’s side shown in the below pictures.

Before assembling the final hanging of the exhaust it will be cleaned up and wrapped with heat wrap in certain areas and/or painted with black thermal exhaust paint so that it blends in with the frame of the car.

I also decided to make my own hangers for the exhaust out of some 3/8″ rod that I cut and then hammered into some 90 degree bends.  Then I simply ran a bead of weld near the tip to act as a ridge and ground down the tips to make it easier to push through the hangers.

The passenger side went trough the same steps of hanging the rectangular tube and adding the 2.5″ round tube to its ends and then joining it up to the header and rear muffler.  Once everything was tack welded in-place, and the exhaust hangers were securely welded, the entire exhaust came off for finish seam welding.

Now that I was done fitting the exhaust, I was also able to remove the rear axle so that I can get it cleaned up, rebuilt and painted.  I’ll also run the rear brake lines along the axle and replace the brakes so that everything is like new on the rear end.

To remove the axle, I removed the bolts for the upper trailing arms and lowered it with a jack.  Leaving the lower trailing arms on while lowering the axle made sure that it came down smoothly and didn’t drop or tip.

I gave the nuts on the lower trailing arms a good spray of WD40 so that they could soak overnight and hopefully won’t give me a lot of trouble.  So now I get to start prepping and painting the underside of the chassis, getting the rear axle refreshed and a new driveshaft built.  The old driveshave is a nasty rusty mess 🙂

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