Exhaust Tips Are Ready

Before running the exhaust piping I needed to finish up a small task on the exhaust tips.  Since the exhaust tips are bolted to the chassis there needs to be some flex where the exhaust piping connects.

I had previously purchased some small flex sections and now I needed to get them welded in-place.  I also picked up some butt connectors so that the pipe on the end of the exhaust tips will slide right over the main piping and I can use a traditional exhaust clamp to hold everything together.

This was a pretty straightforward job of lining everything up and then running a bead of weld around each of the joints.  First connecting the flex section with the butt connector and then welding the flex section to the exhaust tips.

Once they were completed I was able to bolt them up so that they were ready to be connected to the rest of the exhaust system (seen in the top most photo).  As I had mentioned previously, I needed to create extensions to some old jack stands in order to hold the rear axle high enough while fabricating the exhaust.  Well… I cut, drilled and welded on some extensions that worked like a charm 🙂

I finished off the afternoon by removing the wheels and putting them in storage.  The goal is that the next time those wheels go back on, the underside of the chassis will be painted, the suspension will installed for good and we’ll be ready to pull the engine and replace it with the new one!

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