Center Console Part 1

Before I’m able to start wrapping the dashboard in vinyl, I need to make sure that all my interior pieces fit nicely up against the dashboard.  This will save me lots of headaches once everything is wrapped and ready for installation.  No surprises will make me a very happy camper 🙂

One of the pieces that press up against the bottom of the dashboard is the center console.  I have lots of reference pictures of this area from the movie car, but the trick is trying to make my console look like the movie one even though they are different sizes and shapes.

The goal of the center console is to be able to build it so that it can be wrapped with vinyl and also assembled in pieces.  This makes things much easier for installation and the multiple pieces make it easier to wrap everything in vinyl.

First step was to create a solid frame that could be attached to the chassis.  This was created using 1/2″ plywood.  There are some areas that needed relief cuts on the sides to allow for some wider parts of the throttle quadrant to fit.

This frame was made a little thinner than the driveshaft tunnel in order to allow a 1/4″ panel to be secured to the sides which will cover the relief cuts and be secured with some trim screws.

Next was creating a removable lid for the console. This needed a hole big enough to go over the levers of the throttle quadrant and overlap the edges by 1/4″ on each side to ensure that it will cover the yet to be built side panels.

In order to secure the lid to the base frame I added ridges that run along the inside of the lower frame.  This allows me to secure the lid to the bottom frame with some screws before the side panels are attached.

The sides of the console frame were then marked and cut with the proper curves to make it the same shape as the movie car.  The sides were also shortened to make the console a little bit lower.  This also involved trimming the top of the throttle pot used for my afterburner sound board.  My console might be slightly taller than the movie car but it looks like it should work out ok.

In order to create the face of the curved section at the front of the console I used some bristol board as a form and covered it with a couple layers of fiberglass resin/matt.

The next steps on the center console will be making sure it fits nicely against the bottom of the dashboard and also creating the chassis mounting points and side panels.  After that I’ll start working on the center piece that goes up between the two seats.

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